New Geoscience for QGIS Coming Soon

Geoscience for QGIS version 1.0 coming soon!

The next release of the Geoscience plugin for QGIS is just around the corner. The big news it that you will be able to create, view and interpret cross sections of your drilling data. The workflow has also been improved to desurvey holes, generate 3D coordinates for down hole data and produce drill traces in plan.

The new release is planned for 9 June 2019. Stay Tuned!

4 thoughts on “New Geoscience for QGIS Coming Soon”

  1. Dear Roland

    Thanks for you efforts producing this nice plug-in for qgis.
    Lately I have seen many geoscientist developing different geological applications for QGIS . Do you think that by join efforts with others geodevelopers Could probably be the time to produce a QGIS for Geology?

    1. Hi Gabriel,

      I don’t think a QGIS for Geology is necessary because QGIS already does a great job and we’re just adding some functionality through the plugin system. It would be good from a users perspective to consolidate some of the plugins into one though. From a developers perspective it’s easier to have full control over your own code.


  2. Hi Roland, I’m getting this error when trying to set up Downhole Data. Can you help?

    File “C:/…/python/plugins\geoscience\”, line 145, in onDownholeData
    File “C:/…/python/plugins\geoscience\”, line 166, in createDownholeData
    if not self.desurveyLayer.isValid() or not self.dataLayer.isValid():
    AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘isValid’

    1. Hi Scott,

      It looks like you don’t have a valid desurvey layer – did you create one first using the “Desurvey holes” function? If so, is it selected at the top of the Downhole Data dialog?


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